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In 2014 two dedicated Yoga and Ayurveda Wellness retreats will be held in the peaceful and secluded setting of Arajilla Retreat on Lord Howe Island. Lord Howe Island has a natural calming and healing effect on those that visit, giving people a real chance to escape the pressures of daily life and get back to basics. Clean air, beautiful un-crowded beaches, clear water and a relaxed environment, all essential ingredients for a wellness retreat.

  • Twice daily Svastha Yoga and meditation sessions
  • Ayurvedic massage
  • Talks on Ayurveda and healthy eating.
  • Practical talks on gaining an understanding of, and how to improve digestion its role in maintaining health and immunity.
  • Three integrative cooking classes.
  • Advice on how to incorporate positive changes to your life.
  • Helping to balance anxiety, worry, frustration and anger.
  • Deliciously healthy organic vegetarian Ayurvedic meals and snacks.
  • Accommodation set amongst a lush Banyan and kentia palm forest at the luxury Arajilla Retreat.
  • Amazing location on a pristine island.
  • Time out for yourself to relax, rest and rejuvenate.
  • Uncomplicated and practical methods for complete health and wellbeing.

To take part in this Wellness retreat no prior experience in Yoga or Ayurveda is necessary. The retreat is suitable for anyone interested in gaining some insight into living a healthier happier life.

2-6 May 2014     12-16 September 2014

During the retreat there will be twice daily Svastha Yoga and meditation sessions, Yoga and Ayurvedic Consultations, talks on Ayurvedic healthy eating principles, understanding and improving digestion and its role in maintaining health, healing through Ayurvedic cooking, improving mental and physical wellbeing, Ayurvedic Massage and three integrative cooking demonstrations.

Free time during the retreat allows you to take time to enjoy the beauty of the island, surf or swim in the crystal clear waters, walk along the beach, and take a walk amongst nature or book in for treatments at Arajilla’s Ayurvedic Wellness Spa.

All meals are Ayurvedic and vegetarian using fresh organic seasonal produce. All food is prepared by our Ayurvedic Practitioner and Chef Scott Allan. Whether it is time out from a stressful work schedule, feeling fatigued, run down, suffering from digestive problems or seeking some peace of mind, this retreat will assist with all of these and more. You will be taught the basic principles of Yoga and Ayurveda

How to calm and steady your mind and nourish your body, vital tools to take home with you from the Retreat and easy to incorporate into your daily life with no fuss. Immediately you will notice the positive effects that wholesome Ayurvedic food, Yoga and a tranquil environment has on you both physically and mentally.

This retreat allows you to have an authentic experience, and real time out for yourself.

Svastha Yoga
Svastha Yoga, the Yoga which is taught throughout the retreat, is Yoga taught in the tradition of Sri T Krishnamacharya, the great Yogic master of our time. Svastha Yoga, founded by A.G Mohan and Indra Mohan of Chennai India, placesemphasis on proper breathing, building strength, improving flexibility, calms and focuses the mind. The effects of this Yoga are profound and its techniques are not lost in any modern alterations.

Ayurveda is a system of medicine from India with a 5000 year old history; it is a profound natural way of healing through diet, lifestyle, herbal medicines and specific body treatments. It places much emphasis on diet and is uncomplicated and easy to follow, with a long history on proven diet techniques that achieve good health. If you feel like you have been bombarded and overwhelmed with so much information about food and the latest greatest research only to find that the research changes again and again then this time tested science is something that you will easily connect with.